At the end of April the famous “Cata del Vino Montilla-Moriles” is celebrated, named after the designation of origin of the southern area of the province. During these days, in the esplanade of the “Diputación” (provincial council) of Córdoba, there will be exposed more than 30 stands of wineries and restaurants which offer to the visitors their best products in wine and traditional food. You won’t be able to say you were Erasmus in Córdoba if you don’t visit them!
Flamenquines, croquetas de rabo de toro, salmorejo or paella are some of the typical “tapas” that you may taste during “la Cata”, accompanied by the best wine of the region, a fine white wine with intense scent and taste, which for sure will turn out to be very different from all the wines you have tried until now.
“La Cata” is not open during the whole day, so you’ll have to decide whether to go by day or night (or both). The atmosphere is amazing at any time, but probably there will not be so many people during the weekdays at night. During the day it is open from 13:30 to 17:30 and the entrance is free. The evening shift starts at 21:00 and ends at 1:00 in the morning and you have to buy a ticket. It costs 8€, in which 5 glasses of wine are included, and you also get a “catavinos” (wine tasting glass) as a present or 6€ for 6 glasses of wine without “catavinos”. There are also “gastro” tickets that cost 14€ with 5 drinks, one “catavinos” and one food serving. You can purchase the tickets at the main entrance or online through this website.
With this event Córdoba inaugurates its popular “mayo cordobés”, which will be followed by “las Cruces”, “los Patios” and the “Feria”… The perfect festivities to enjoy your Erasmus in Córdoba as never before 🙂