Cordoba’s Tendillas Square: History and Tradition in the Heart of the City

Tendillas Square in Cordoba is a historic and traditional site in the heart of the city. Its name comes from the word “tendal,” which referred to a place where fabrics were spread out to dry and be sold in the shops of the Order of Calatrava (who helped in the Conquest of Córdoba) in the 14th century. Rebuilt in the 20th century, the square is home to emblematic buildings and monuments, such as that of Gonzalo Fernández de Córdoba, the “Great Captain,” and its famous clock with flamenco guitar sounds, inaugurated in 1961. The gradual pedestrianization and remodeling of 1999 added value to this space. The square is a meeting point for traditions such as New Year’s Eve, and if you are Erasmus in Cordoba, for sure you won´t forget it.

Plaza de las Tendillas, Córdoba

History and Evolution of Tendillas Square

Tendillas Square in Cordoba has witnessed various moments throughout the centuries, being a place full of history and tradition that reflects the city’s identity.

Origin and Meaning of the Name

The name Tendillas Square dates back to the 14th century, when it housed small cloth shops of the Order of Calatrava. This name has lasted over time, being part of the history and meaning of this emblematic place.

Reconstruction of the Square in the 20th Century

In the 1920s, Tendillas Square underwent a reconstruction that gave rise to its current configuration. The demolition of the Hotel Suizo allowed the expansion of the square, marking a new chapter in its urban evolution.

Emblematic Buildings around the Square

  • In the vicinity of Tendillas Square stand iconic buildings that enrich its surroundings. The La Unión y el Fénix Building, the Colomera Palace, and the Telephone Exchange are some of the examples that stand out for their architecture and historical relevance.

Plaza de las Tendillas Córdoba

Monuments and Outstanding Elements

Tendillas Square in Córdoba stands out for the presence of monuments and elements that give it a unique character.

Monument to the Great Captain

The Monument to the Great Captain is an impressive equestrian sculpture located in the center of the square, created by the artist Mateo Inurria in 1920. This statue is a tribute to the celebrated military man Gonzalo Fernández de Córdoba, known as the Great Captain, and has become an emblematic symbol of the square.

Famous Tendillas Square Clock

One of the most recognizable elements of Tendillas Square is its famous clock, inaugurated in 1961 (replacing the one from 1929), which marks the passage of time with the sound of a flamenco guitar. This clock is not only a tool to measure time, but also a cultural and social symbol of the square, especially during the New Year’s Eve celebration, where it brings together thousands of people to welcome the new year.

Plaza de las Tendillas, Córdoba

Pedestrianization of the Square

The pedestrianization of Tendillas Square has been a gradual process that has taken place over the years, transforming this space into a more friendly and accessible place for pedestrians. The following are the main steps of this important evolution:

Gradual pedestrianization process

  • Elimination of vehicular traffic
  • Widening of sidewalks
  • Improvement of accessibility for people with reduced mobility

Remodeling of the Square in 1999

In 1999, a comprehensive remodeling of Tendillas Square was carried out, with the aim of creating a more pleasant and safe environment for visitors. Some of the main interventions included:

  • Creation of new pedestrian zones
  • Installation of a central fountain
  • Incorporation of decorative elements such as flower beds with benches and dry fountains

Plaza de las Tendillas de Córdoba

Traditions and Events in Tendillas Square

Tendillas Square is the scene of important traditions and events that mark the cultural and social life of the city of Córdoba. Two of the most outstanding celebrations are detailed below:

New Year’s Eve Celebration with the Clock

In Tendillas Square, the arrival of the new year is celebrated in a unique way with the famous clock that chimes the bells imitating the sound of a flamenco guitar. Thousands of people gather in the square to welcome the new year to the rhythm of this peculiar clock.

Cultural and Social Importance of the Square

Tendillas Square is not only a meeting place for celebrations like New Year’s Eve, but it is also a cultural and social space of great importance for the inhabitants of Córdoba. It is an emblematic point where the city’s history, tradition, and identity intertwine, witnessing events that reflect the diversity and cultural richness of this community.

Plaza de las Tendillas de Córdoba

Identity and Significance of Tendillas Square

Tendillas Square is much more than an urban space in Córdoba; it is a reflection of Cordoba history and tradition. This emblematic place has witnessed the city’s evolution throughout the centuries, preserving the traces of the past within its stones.

A Symbol of Cordoban Identity

  • Tendillas Square stands as a symbol of Cordoban identity, where past and present converge in the same space.
  • Its name, its monuments, and its traditions all speak to the rich history of this Andalusian city, marked by diverse cultural influences over time.

A Landmark for Residents and Visitors

  • Tendillas Square is an emblematic place that is part of the daily lives of Córdoba’s inhabitants, serving as a meeting point, a place for celebrations, and a stage for upholding traditions.
  • For visitors, the square becomes an essential stop on their tour of the city, where they can discover the essence and authenticity of Córdoba.