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We know that for students it is very important to live close to the campus and to have easy access to certain services and activities. Our apartments are strategically located in diverse areas of Cordoba, allowing you to enjoy a rich and convenient student life. Besides, you will be surrounded by a vibrant student community which will bring you support and friendship throughout your stay in the city.

Student Experience in Cordoba

In Cordoba you will find a city full of history, culture and academic opportunities. Our team is here to make sure that you enjoy this experience to the fullest. We are proud of offering you a personalized service and a close attention so you can focus on what really matters: your studies and personal development.

Study in Cordoba

Do not waste more time looking for accommodation! Discover the best options for students in Cordoba today. Browse our wide selection of rooms and book your place right now. If you have any questions or need help, do not hesitate to contact our team. We hope to welcome you soon!

Rental flats for students in Cordoba

Welcome to our student accommodation website in Cordoba. If you are a student and you are looking for a room in a shared flat to live during your Erasmus course, you have reached the perfect place. We offer a wide selection of rooms designed especially for the needs of students, all in strategic locations close to or with easy access to the main universities in Córdoba.

Accommodation for students

Finding the perfect accommodation for your Erasmus experience is essential to live the best year of your life as a student. Our goal is to make the room search easier for you, offering you options adapted to your needs and budget. We have furnished apartments equipped with everything you need, which will make you feel at home from the first day.

Rental flats and rooms

Are you looking for a flat or a room in Cordoba? Our platform allows you to explore a variety of rooms in shared apartments with other international students. All of our properties have everything needed to guarantee a proper Erasmus experience. Find the perfect option for you!

Flat rental for students in Cordoba: general information

In this section you will find relevant information about renting apartments for university students in the city of Cordoba. Knowing the advantages of a rental flat specifically thought for students will help you make a precise decision.

Pros of renting an apartment for students in Cordoba with Interasmundo

Renting a flat designed for students in Cordoba can offer you diverse advantages. These are some of them:

Location: Interasmundo’s apartments for university students are located in areas close to universities and leisure areas, which will allow you to save time and money on travel.

Roommates: By living alongside other students, you will have the opportunity to meet like-minded people and establish social relationships within your academic environment.

Furnished and equipped: The student apartments are furnished and equipped with the necessary basic elements, which will make moving easier and prevent you from having to worry about buying furniture or appliances.

Student community: Living in a student apartment will allow you to be part of an active student community, where you can participate in various activities and events aimed especially at students.

Flexibility: With Interasmundo you rent only your room, it is not necessary to rent the entire apartment, that way you don’t worry about having to look for the rest of your roommates, Interasmundo takes care of everything. You can always ask for the profile of roommates you want and we will take care of helping you, whether they are flats for girls only, mixed, or by age range.

Security: In addition, if a roommate is forced to have to terminate the contract early, that will not affect the rent that you have to pay. Remember that you have rented your room at a fixed price, if in the end fewer people live in the apartment, that will not influence your rent. In addition, Interasmundo is responsible for managing the shipping and collection of utility bills, such as electricity. This way you avoid possible fraud that you could have if you dealt directly with the owners. Córdoba is a very safe city but everywhere you can find scammers who take advantage of international students.

Requisites and conditions to rental apartments for students

It is essential to know the requirements and conditions for renting apartments for students in Córdoba. These are some of the common conditions:

Academic enrollment: Generally, it is necessary to prove that you are enrolled in an educational institution to be able to rent these apartments.

Deposit: It is necessary to provide a deposit as a guarantee that the apartment will be returned in the same conditions as it was delivered. This money will be returned to the student at the end of the contract in the stipulated manner.

Rental contract: It is essential to sign a rental contract that specifies the conditions of the rental, the duration and the responsibilities of both the landlord and the tenant.

Duration: Interasmundo allows you to make contracts for academic years, from September to June, it is not necessary for the contracts to be for a calendar year. But equally, on certain occasions contracts can be made for academic four-month periods, from September to the end of January and from February to the end of June.

Now that you know the advantages of renting a student apartment in Córdoba and the necessary requirements and conditions, you will be better prepared to search and select the option that fits your needs and preferences. Next, we will provide you with detailed information about the apartment rental options available in different areas of Córdoba.

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