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Living in Cordoba as an Erasmus student

Living in Cordoba as an Erasmus student is an enriching experience that offers numerous attractions and opportunities. This city located in Andalusia, Spain, fascinates students with its charm and beauty. The following are the highlights that make Cordoba an ideal destination for Erasmus students.

The attractiveness of Cordoba for Erasmus students

Cordoba is known for its fascinating history and rich cultural heritage. As you stroll through its narrow, cobbled streets, you are immersed in a unique and charming atmosphere. The city offers a perfect combination of the modern and the ancient, with its impressive historical monuments, such as the Mosque-Cathedral, the Roman Bridge and the Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs.

In addition to its architectural heritage, Cordoba is renowned for its welcoming and friendly atmosphere. The local inhabitants, known as cordobeses, are known for their hospitality and warmth, which makes the Erasmus students feel welcome and comfortable from the very first day.

The University of Cordoba

The University of Cordoba is an academic reference in Spain and one of the main reasons why many Erasmus students choose this city. It offers a wide variety of academic programmes in different fields, giving students the opportunity to study at a renowned institution while enjoying the cultural and social experience that Cordoba has to offer.

The University has modern and complete services for students, such as libraries, laboratories and study spaces. In addition, they organise numerous extra-curricular activities that encourage cultural exchange between local and international students.

The cost of living in Cordoba

Cordoba stands out as an affordable city compared to other European or Spanish cities. The cost of living is quite affordable, which allows students to manage their budget more comfortably during their stay in the city.

It is estimated that an Erasmus student needs around €500 per month to cover basic expenses, including accommodation, food, transport and leisure. This figure may vary depending on the individual student’s lifestyle and habits, but in general, Cordoba offers excellent value for money in terms of housing, food and entertainment.