Being Erasmus you’ll already know about our May festivities in Córdoba, the final event is the “Feria de Nuestra Señora de la Salud”, considered as one of the best fairs of Andalucía…and the best part about it is that it lasts one week, including two weekends 🙂


The fair usually begins the third weekend of May, the night from Friday to Saturday at 12 a.m., with the “alumbrado” (lighting) of the fair’s main entrance and fireworks. Although if you want to go some time before and have a drink, the “casetas” or marquee tents will be opened.

Then, you’ll enjoy a week of music, dancing, attractions, live shows and much more! There are lots of different places to dance as if there was no tomorrow! And, what’s more, there’s free entry in 90 per cent of the cases 😉 To get some idea of what the fair is like, we’ll explain you a little bit. There are different types of “casetas”, some of them are like restaurants where you can sit and eat (at this point you can already imagine what kind of food, can’t you? salmorejo, flamenquín, tortilla, pinchitos, etc.), others are like discos where you can listen to the newest music as well as sevillanas 🙂

We suggest you to try the “rebujito”, a drink made of white wine and 7up or Sprite. They usually serve it in a pitcher to share with all your friends and they’re about 5 or 6€. Although you’ll order more than one pitcher, we suggest you to drink it in moderation. Next day, your hangover can be one of the worst of your lives and we’re not exaggerating. It could also be worse than the one you had before your first Erasmus party in Córdoba. 


At the Córdoba fair you’ll be able to check how many women wear the traditional dress, with lots of flounces and, in most cases, with lots of polka dots. There are some people who choose wearing the Cordoban suit, tight-fitting and with a hat. Anyway, this is not mandatory and you can go with the clothes you’ve been usually wearing during your Erasmus.


As it happens with all the good things, the fair ends soon. The second weekend on Sunday, the fair will come to an end and it won’t be back until next year. This is the final event of an unforgettable month of May in which you’ll have a great time. And, like most Erasmus students do, when planning a new trip to Córdoba, you’ll make everything you can to come during the fair.

Where is it and how to get there? The fariground of Córdoba is situated next to the river and the football stadium. It’s a very large space, so don’t forget to take your plan of the fair with you. The best way to get there is by bus.

And the last recommendation for you, Erasmus: rest as much as you can the week before the fair, because when it starts…you’ll have to be in perfect shape!