Everything about Carnival in Spain

As you may well know, Spain is a country full of traditions that are celebrated every year. We could even separate by communities, and even by municipalities, the different festivities that take place from time to time. Carnival is a very deep-rooted event in our country, being celebrated in numerous cities throughout the Iberian Peninsula. It is believed that Carnival has its origins in the Sumerians, passing through the Roman Empire and the Middle Ages. During the latter period, it began to develop in Spain. As it was celebrated in the days before Lent, a period in which, according to the Catholic Church, fasting and abstinence were emphasized, people took the opportunity to indulge in all possible excesses.

carnaval erasmus cordoba

Through the use of masks, people maintained their anonymity, thus being able to dance or frolic with each other, as well as criticize the society of the moment. However, it was not until the Renaissance when the Carnival settled widely around our country, establishing Ash Wednesday as the big day of the festival, in the time of Charles II.

Places with popularity

Cádiz is the Andalusian city in which Carnival is lived with more intensity, taking place from XVII century, although it has been forbidden on many occasions too. Huge groups of people, belonging to a different Carnival bands or associations, form what is called a “chirigota”. They dress up in many diverse forms, play their own instruments and compose typical songs called “comparsas” with a high emotional, satirical or critical effect. In general, they can sing about something related with the actual country juncture, about the government management, or about any concrete fact that may’ve been attracted attention on that moment. But, above everything, it always contains a very humorist base.

The Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, established by UNESCO of International Touristic Interest in 1989, is also very important in our country. They perform plenty of “comparsas” and parades filled with color, music, cheerfulness and a very good atmosphere.

Carnival in Córdoba

It is true that in Córdoba, Carnival does not have the same popularity as Cádiz or Santa Cruz de Tenerife. However, plenty of people attend the streets to participate in this celebration in numerous acts spread throughout the month of February. Besides, every year, in the Gran Teatro (“Great Theatre of Córdoba”), the Competition of Carnival Associations is held, where lots of groups soldier on to reach the final and get the prize.

In addition, the last day of Carnival in Córdoba, a very big parade with carriages is celebrated, in which every people is invited to participate. That parade always starts from Paseo de la Victoria and finishes at the emblematic Corredera Square with the burning of God Momo (“Dios Momo”). Remember that in Interasmundo you will be able to find a room when you come to Córdoba for Erasmus. You can also take a look at our article about the most beautiful squares in Cordoba.