The Bonobús in Córdoba

Hi Erasmus! If you have to use the bus frequently to move around Córdoba, the best way to save some money is by buying a “bonobús”, a sort of credit card that will allow you to move around by saving  a lot of money with every trip. The card can be recharged with the money that you want, but there is a minimum of 5€.

Type of “bonobús”

There are different “bonobús” types. There is the normal version (costs 0,72€ per trip) and we have the version for students (costs 0,58€) per trip). If you buy the version for students, never forget to show to the driver your University of Córdoba student card! Simply informing that you are Erasmus is not enough 😀


Apart of these versions, it is also possible to find a version for numerous families and for the special services of bus during Feria. The “bonobús” allows you to do a free bus change within the next hour among different lines. It is much cheaper than paying for the bus ticket in cash and is really worthwhile for an Erasmus in Córdoba to use it.

Bonobús selling points

Where to buy it? It is normally sold at some tobacco shops, at some bookshops and at some candy shops in Córdoba. Here there is a list with all the “Bonobús selling points”. You can recharge your bonobús at any selling point, online (on the Aucorsa’s website) and in some buses.

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Have a good Erasmus journey!