Practise sport in Córdoba

Yes, you’re an Erasmus student and you like partying, we know. But we also know the voice of consciousness is telling you: Live a healthy life. Don’t drink too much. Study. If you choose listening to this voice, even if it’s only once in a while, and want to practise some sport during your Erasmus in Córdoba, we can suggest you some places to burn all those beers and salmorejos.

Municipal Sports Centres

Here in Córdoba, we have the popular Municipal Sports centres or public spaces with fitness area, and classes like aerobics, zumba, pilates, dancing and so on. These local gyms tend to be very cheap, so they’re perfect for Erasmus. For more detailed information click here. 



If you prefer a gym, we recommend you Go fit or Synergym, very modern gyms with a wide catalog of classes.


Don’t forget that the University of Córdoba has some sport facilities located on different campus, like the swimming pools at Rabanales or the football, tennis, paddle tennis, basketball and volleyball facilities. You have loads of options!

Martial Arts and Dancing

If you’re interested in martial arts or dancing, we also have suggestions for you 🙂 At Centro Wutan you’ll be able to practise Yoga, Kung-Fu, Aikido, Chi-Kung, pilates, Tai-Chi, etc. And if you want to dance, you should go to Azúcar Negra (funky, sevillanas, belly dancing, bachata, tango, zumba).


Riding a bike

If, after all these reccommendations, you still prefer outdoor activities…don’t worry! Probably there are lots of Erasmus like you who preffer going jogging or riding a bike 😉 One of the best parks to do so in Córdoba is the Cruz Conde park and if you don’t own a bike, you can always rent a bycicle .

This is just a summary, but there are many more sport activities you can do during your Erasmus in Córdoba. If you have any other doubts don’t hesitate to ask us.