Map of Córdoba

This link may be very useful to all the Erasmus, especially during your first days in the city. Only by clicking here you will get a map of Córdoba… ready to print! It will make your life easier when you want to walk around its streets.

Córdoba, a city with a great historic heritage

Córdoba has a lot to offer to the students. A invaluable heritage full of history and beauty makes Córdoba one of the most beatiful cities in Spain. As this is a medium sized city it becames a perfect Erasmus destination. You may walk practically to every interesting points without taking any means of transport.

What to visit in Córdoba?

If you are planning to visit its monuments don’t forget to visit its Mosque-Cathedral, the only one of the world with its characteristics, and also the Fortress of the Christian Kings, a castle built on the Guadalquivir river’s edge. It has spectacular gardens with ponds and a wide variety of trees, plants and bush trees. Don’t forget to cross the Roman Bridge to the other side of the Guadalquivir river and watch the beautiful panoramic view of the Mosque. To get more information on the opening of the monuments and museums, please, click here.