1. To ensure the tenant the use of a bedroom with:

2. A bed, with mattress and pillow.

3. A chair and desk.

4. Window with curtains and blinds.

5. A ceiling lamp that lights up the whole room.

6. A wardrobe with coat hangers and enough space for the tenant to store their belongings.

7. Availability of at least one full bathroom (bath/shower, wash basin, toilet, mirror and towel rack), shared with other residents of the apartment.

8. Availability of a living room/dining room, with:

9. As many seats (sofas and armchairs) as there are residents, plus a coffee table.

10. A dining table with chairs.

11. A light on the living room ceiling, and another lamp for reading.

12. A colour TV.

13. Decoration: pictures, plants, etc.

14. Use of a kitchen with:

15. Fridge.

16. Microwave.

17. Hob

18. Washing machine.

19. Iron and ironing board.

20. Kitchen utensils such as pots and pans…

21. Enough dishes for the number of residents.

22. Utensils needed for cleaning the house: broom, dustpan, mop bucket, mop.

23. The landlord of the apartment guarantees that the supply to the apartment of electricity, gas, plumbing, etc. is working well, and that furniture and household appliances (washing machine, refrigerator, TV, iron, etc.) are in good working order. The landlord promises to repair these appliances when necessary during the term of this contract. It is understood that this commitment is void if the damage is caused by the fault or negligence of the students. Besides this guarantee, the landlord is not obliged to provide the student with any other additional services such as laundry, regular cleaning of rooms, meals, or any other services usually available in hotels.

24. The tenant, on starting to live in the apartment, will be issued with a set of keys to the house (one for the street entrance and one for the apartment front door) for personal use, which will be returned when the tenant leaves the accommodation. A key to the mailbox will be available in the apartment for all the tenants.

25. If the owner of the property agrees to it, the tenant to install a security system to prevent access by other people to their room in their absence. This security system shall be paid by the tenant and must be left in the property when the tenant leaves.


1. The tenant will use the room exclusively as their personal home, and cannot sublet the apartment to others or use it for commercial purposes.

2. In Spain, the use of the roofs is restricted according to some Community Statutes. By that reason, the use of the roof is not allowed under no circumstances and may result in a warning.

3. It is prohibited barbecuing in any area of the flat or the building, including roofs and terraces.

4. The tenant must avoid the consumption of any illegal substance in the property.

5. The tenant must keep their room and the common areas clean and tidy.

6. The tenant must accept the rules set out by ERASMUS ROOMS S.L. in cases where the tenants do not reach an agreement regarding cleaning schedules and house rules.

7. The tenant must consent to the leasing of the other rooms of the property and to share the common areas.

8. The tenants must consent to visits by ERASMUS ROOMS S.L. staff either to show possible future tenants the other rooms and common areas or in case of disagreement.

9. The tenant must allow access by ERASMUS ROOMS S.L. staff to the property to check that the facilities are clean and in a good condition.

10. The tenant must authorize to the maintenance staff to go into any part of the flat, after reporting any reparation needed, so it can be carried out. Before entering to the flat, the technician will ring the bell first and if none of the students opens the door, the technician will be allowed to open the door with our copy of the key.

11. The tenants will cover the expenses of the damages caused in the flat as a consequence of water or liquid spillages and of these that by the same reason may cause any damage to a third person and are not covered by the home insurance.

12. If the tenant decides to leave the flat early at the end of December or May, the rent for January (in case of the first half of the year) or June (in case of the second half of the year) must be paid by 1 May or 1 December at the latest. In case of non-compliance with this stipulation, the tenant may be evicted from the flat according to the tenth stipulation. Under no circumstances may the security deposit be used to pay the last month’s rent.

13. The tenant agrees to pay for the expenses of the invoices for the supplies established on the present contract until his/her definitive departure of the flat. This amount must be paid even if the tenant is absent from the flat during a holiday period or by other reasons.

14. The utility bills are normally received monthly or each two months and the payments for these do not have to coincide among them. By this reason, once that the bills have been sent to the e-mail address indicated by the tenant these will have to be paid together with the monthly rent of the following month. A delay in the payment without a justified reason will incur in a sanction of 15€ per day of delay.

15. Monthly payments must be made ​​in the offices of Erasmus Rooms, S.L at Vázquez Aroca, nº 14, Cordoba, within the established period on the FOURTH clause of this Agreement. Erasmus Rooms, S.L. will issue the students with a receipt as proof of every payment.

16. If the student is unreasonably late in paying the rent, Erasmus Rooms, S.L may claim a €35 surcharge for each day of arrears.

17.The tenants are responsible and will be in charge of the reparations caused by the blockings of the sinks or bath tubs produced by the rests of food, sanitary towels, papers, and so on.

18. Visits from friends or relatives to the apartment will be allowed only with the consent of the other residents (if they stay overnight, permission from the LANDLORD is always required).

19. Kitchen utensils (dishes, cutlery, pots and pans) must be washed after use. It is strictly forbidden to leave the kitchen dirty after cooking or eating.

20. Before their definitive departure, the students must wash the covers, quilts, pillow cases, and mattress cases and leave them completely clean. Otherwise Erasmus Rooms will deduct the laundry costs from the second half of the deposit and a penalty of 15€ will be applied.

21. Smoking is prohibited in the common areas of the house: living room, kitchen, hall, toilets and corridors.

22. Tenants must respect the rules of the community like all other residents and take special care not to make noise. Unpleasant, hazardous or dangerous activities in the property and its common areas are forbidden.

23. IT IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN TO HOLD PARTIES OR “BOTELLONES” IN THE APARTMENT, AND DOING SO WILL LEAD TO AN INMEDIATE SANCTION OF 100€. The intervention by the police/neighbours may be the cause of eviction from the flat.

24. The daily schedule in the apartment should be agreed mutually by the tenants. This schedule should be respected as part of the contract, especially as regards times for studying, working and going to bed. However, as the others have the right of not be disturbed by noise, tenants are requested to listen to music using headphones and keep the sound level low on music and television. After 10pm at night, all noise which may disturb the rest of the other tenants or the neighbors must cease.

25. The privacy of other tenants must be respected and you should not enter another tenant’s room without their permission.

26. Majority agreements by the tenants on other house rules, such as household chores like taking out the rubbish, cleaning the kitchen or picking up the mail, are also considered as terms of this contract.

27. If the property has exterior areas, like terraces or courtyards, is not allowed to use them between 22:00 and 8:00 to avoid disturbing the neighbors. In case of non-compliance a penalty shall be applied.

28. The owner of the apartment cannot be held responsible for the theft or damage of items left in the apartment by tenants.

29. Food belonging to other students must not be taken without their permission.

30. The tenants must respect the decoration of the house and, unless authorized by the LANDLORD, must not bring other furniture into the house. No objects may be pinned or stuck to the walls (with nails, hooks, drawing pins or blutack etc.)

31. The tenant must not allow pets into the property.

32. Tenants must agree on shifts for cleaning the common areas. These shifts are obligatory, and if not respected may lead to a penalty. If the tenants do not agree on cleaning shifts, Erasmus Rooms may intervene.

33. To accept, in the event that Erasmus-rooms, S.L. considers it necessary, to hire a weekly cleaning service for the common areas that will be charged to tenants. This payments will have the same consideration that the rest of the invoices of the flat and shall be in accordance with the 6 th provision of this contract.

34. Tenants are responsible for cleaning their own rooms and they must leave both their rooms and the common areas of the apartment on their departure date exactly as they found them when they first moved in.

35. Flats will be cleaned by the end of January and June, coinciding with the end of the academic semester. The cleaning costs will be paid by the students. Both the students that come back to their countries by the end of January or beginning of February and the students who will stay at the flat for the following semester until the end of June will have the obligation of paying by this cleaning.

36. The half of the deposit will be refunded to the student during the check out visit on the termination date of the Agreement, once that the final revision of the room and common areas of the flat has been made. From the first half 25€ will be discounted for the final cleaning of the flat. Once that the flat has been cleaned and the cleaning company has sent the bill with the hours actually worked, we will regularize these 25€ with the second half of the deposit. The second half of the deposit will be sent after the reception and payment of the last utility bill in order to know how much each of the tenants who lived at the flat has to pay until the termination date of the Agreement, provided that the flat has been left in perfect conditions and all the expenses related to the Agreement have been paid. ERASMUS ROOMS S.L. will not assume any bank commissions for transfers made to accounts in countries outside the SEPA zone.

37. In case that breakages, damages, hidden faults or disappearance of objects is detected after the cleaning has been made in the property, exceptionally, money may be deducted from the deposit to compensate for the or to repair any damage to the property or its fittings, provided such damage is not caused by normal and reasonable use. If no-one owns up to causing the damage, all the tenants will be jointly liable with their respective deposits, and if they wish, they may then take appropriate action against the person responsible for the damage.

38. The tenant has the obligation, within 30 days after the termination of the contract, to notify expressly by sending an email to the required bank data where they want to receive the remaining amount of the deposit. Otherwise, it will be understood that they are renouncing to the refunding without possibility to claim for it. Erasmus Rooms, S.L, is exempted from the obligation of reminding the necessity of sending the aforementioned e-mail.

39. The tenant has a 5 days period after arrival to report any damage or missing part they have noticed, either in the room or in the rest of the house, including light bulbs or gas bottles, in case these are used in the house. Otherwise, it will be understood that the apartment is in perfect condition and contains all the fittings and utensils listed in the contract. In the case of any incidence that may occur later during their stay, the tenants shall inform immediately, otherwise they will have to pay the costs of it at the termination of the Agreement.

40. The tenants must inform to the landlord immediately about any change or event that may result harmful for the apartment or for the occupants of the property. If this obligation is not complied, the tenant will support all the damages caused thereby.

41. If Erasmus Rooms has to send a technician to do any reparation or maintenance job by request of the student, and the technician finds that there is not any damage or breakage, the student will support the travel expenses to the technician, being in the best case scenario a quantity around 10€.

42. Small reparations or breakages caused by an incorrect use will be paid by the person responsible of its breakage.

43. The students have the obligation of notifying any breakages that have taken place in their rooms (for example, plugs, drawers, wardrobes or blinds) even if they are small, before their departure. If these breakages are noticed during the check out process or later, a penalty of 25€ will be applied to the student by the absence of notification. If the breakages are found in the common areas, all the tenants will support them.

44. The staff of Erasmus Rooms will explain to the tenants once how to use the different household appliances, f.i: how to change the gas bottle, how to turn the air conditioner/heating machine on/off, how to turn the boiler on and how to turn on the stove burner for cooking. After these explanations, if the student contacts with Erasmus Rooms in the event of any misfunctioning of any of the elements of the flat where he/she is living, and after sending a maintenance operator for its reparation, the element was in a perfect condition, the student shall be in charge of paying the costs for the travel expenses of this operator, being the minimum cost for it of 10€.

45. In the event of any misfunctioning or incidence in the flat, the student may contact with Erasmus Rooms by email ( ) or by the office phone: +34 633 76 11 82 from Monday to Thursday from 10:00 to 17:00 and Fridays from 10:00 to 13:30. The student may call at +34 666 51 89 13 just in the case of an emergency.

46.The expenses for consumable materials (light bulbs, batteries, and so on) are the responsibility of the student, both in their rooms and in the common areas. Before leaving the flat definitively, the student has to be sure that all these elements are working correctly, otherwise Erasmus Rooms, S.L, will send to a technician to remove the ones that do not work by new ones, with a cost of 10€ plus the price of these elements. This amount will be deducted from the deposit. If the student is the first in leaving the flat, he/she has to do the appropriate checks to detect that there is not any burnt light bulb.

47. All the students -from both semesters- have to buy, a new gas bottle. Otherwise, there will be applied a penalty of 50€ per flat. These students who are the first in leaving the flat have the obligation of leaving a new gas bottle in the flat -and do not use it- before their departure, or leaving the money to the last student in leaving the flat instead. In this case, the last student will be the responsible of buying a new gas bottle and do not use it, otherwise he or she will have to pay for a penalty of 50€. The last student in leaving the flat also has the responsibility of asking for the money to his/her flatmates for the gas bottle before they leave the flat definitely. By this reason, he/she cannot argue on the last day that he/she cannot pay for the gas bottle because his/her flatmates did not give him/her the money. In order to avoid responsibilities to the last student in leaving the flat, we suggest to buy a gas bottle before the departure of the first student and do not use it under no circumstances.

48. All the students –from both semesters- have the responsibility to check that there is a new gas bottle that was not used before when they arrive at the flat, otherwise he/she will must talk to the flatmates who started to live in the flat before to reach an agreement to buy the next gas bottle, because the gas bottle that is available at the beginning of the stay may have been emptied by the ones who started living in the flat before. In the hypothetical case of not reaching any agreement, Erasmus-Rooms will mediate with this issue, as an exceptional case.

49. As regards the plumbing systems in the apartments, tenants are requested not to throw any objects such as food, napkins or other paper down the toilets as these may cause blockage. Only toilet paper may be thrown down the toilet.

50. The possession of weapons or explosives is forbidden, as is the consumption of any type of drugs (including marijuana or cannabis), and the excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages. It is also prohibited to display pornographic material or any other material which may offend the dignity, equality and common sensibilities of others (magazines, posters, etc.).

51. Tenants must respect the environment. They should try to save energy and water and not leave lights on, not open the windows when the air conditioning is on, not leave taps open and share the dishwasher and the washing machine with other tenants and only use them when they are full, etc.

52. The tenants must always maintain a correct and respectful sexual attitude towards their flatmates, in a way that, the realization of any sexual act shall never interrupt the harmony and cohabitation (for example, disturbing with noises or producing uncomfortable situations in front of the flatmates). The constant repetition of these acts shall result in a penalty.

53. If the tenant fails seriously or repeatedly to fulfill the obligations set out in this contract, or incurs criminal responsibility for an offense or crime , either in the apartment or out of it, this contract shall terminate, and the tenant must leave the apartment, forfeiting any money they have already paid. For example, a serious fault that may be a reason for immediate eviction is the organization of a party or meeting with friends with more than 10 people at the flat or at the common areas of the building where the flat is placed. 

54. In case that the Police had to appear in the flat due to any reclamation from the part of any of the neighbours because of order disturbances, the responsible tenants will incur in a fine of €150 per person. In case of a second appearance of the Police, the responsible tenants should leave the flat in period of two days, forfeiting the amounts given so far. In case of not leaving the flat on the established period, the tenant will incur in a fine of €200 for each day delayed.

55. The breach of the rules may result in a written warning sent by e-mail that will imply that 100€ from the deposit will be taken in the check out. In the event that a second warning had place, it may cause the termination of the contract and the forfeiture of the amounts paid so far, and the tenant shall leave the flat in a two days period. If the evicted tenant does not leave the room in a two days period, he/she will have an additional penalty of 200€ per day of delay. If a tenant is evicted and does not leave their room within two days, there will be an additional penalty of €200 for each day delayed.

56. If the tenant will not live in the room or in case of premature termination of the contract due to a tenant breach before the end of the contract period the tenant will lose all the amounts paid so far and will be required to pay all the pending rents until the end of the contract. Additionally, the tenant must settle the situation regarding pending bills. Upon termination of the contract, the landlord will return the tenant’s deposit, according to the fifth clause in this contract.

57. There is no automatic right to renew this contract.

58. If some breakages or damages are found either in the room or in the common areas, the cost of these reparations will be deducted from the deposit.

59. Once the tenant leaves the room definitely, Erasmus-Rooms, S.L may set this room as available, renting it again or allowing to a third party to use it, even in the same month when the tenant leaves, without any possibility of reclamation or claiming for a compensation on the part of the tenant.

60. If, within one month after the contract has terminated, the student has not claimed the repayment of the relevant part of the deposit by E-mail, informing us of the IBAN number and Swift code, it will be understood that they have renounced the right to this payment. The landlord does not have the obligation of reminding to the student that he/she has to send this information

61. In the exceptional event of conflict between tenants over the interpretation and application of this agreement, if they fail to reach a peaceful agreement, they hereby agree to allow Erasmus-Rooms to act as mediators.

62. If the tenant wants to go on living at the apartment for a short stay after the termination of the contract, she or she will have to accept the conditions established by the owner or, in his/her absence, by Erasmus-Rooms. In the event of not accepting these conditions he or she will not be allowed to stay in the flat living as a guest of any of the other flatmates, under penalty of losing the amounts given so far.

63. It is strictly forbidden to use the room of any flatmate without the permission of Erasmus Rooms, S.L, under a penalty of 50€. In the event that Erasmus Rooms detects that the room of any of the flatmates has been occupied without its consent, he/she will have to pay a penalty of 50€. If it is not possible to know the identity of the student, all the flatmates will be jointly and severally responsible.

64. Once that the check out process has been done by the Erasmus Rooms’ staff and the flatmate has left the room definitively, it is strictly forbidden for the rest of the flatmates to go into this room under no circumstances, under a penalty of 50€.

65. As each of room has its own furniture it is not allowed, under no circumstances, to move or exchange any piece of it from one room to any other (like lamps, covers, light bulbs, heaters, chairs, and so on), under a penalty of 25€. If any of the rooms has any element that is misfunctioning, the student has the obligation of notifying it to Erasmus Rooms, so they can apply the appropriate measures, otherwise the student will be the responsible of it at the termination of the contract.

66. The payment of the rent will be made on advance, from the 1st to the 5th day of each month.The student will have to pay for the rent for the whole month, regardless of the student’s arrival date.

67. On the departure date, the tenant shall LEAVE THE ROOM AND THE COMMON AREAS COMPLETELY EMPTY. It is forbidden to leave sheets, clothes, books, plastic bags, food, and so on, in the flat. The tenant shall contact with Erasmus Rooms to be informed about any NGO in Córdoba that will be very thankful to take all these things that the student does not want to bring with him/her. In the event that the staff of Erasmus Rooms does not find the room completely empty, the tenant will have a penalty of 15€ that will be discounted of the second half of the deposit. Besides, if the food or other belongings are in the kitchen or other common areas, the responsible will be the last student in leaving the flat, having a penalty of 25€. By this reason, it is highly recommended to hand the personal objects/food to any other person who may need it or to an NGO. Besides, the last student leaving the flat has the responsibility of requiring the other tenants to take all his/her belongings out and cannot argue that the things in the flat are not his/hers during the check-out procedure.

68. In the event than a tenant wants to move, during the semester shift, to other room managed by Erasmus Rooms, it will be necessary its authorization and will have an additional cost of 50€. The move will be subject to availability.

69. Although the payments for the internet service have to be done monthly and together with the rent of the room at our office, the invoicing period that the internet company has established is from the 25th to the 25th of every month and the payment is done on advance. During that months that coincide with the check out, all the students who decide to stay at the flat at a later date than the 25th (for example, June), and want to renew the internet contract, will have to notify us by e-mail compulsorily and not later than 20th June. After this date the contract shall have no effect. In the event of being interested on the renovation, all the students who are going to stay at the flat shall agree with it and the total amount to pay shall be divided among all these students. In the event of not notifying expressly their intention of going forward with the contract we understand that they are not interested on it and we will terminate the contract automatically and stop the connection on the 25th.


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