On May 2nd we are travelling to Nerja! Placed at the East of the Costa del Sol, is one of the most amazing towns in the “Axarquía” of Málaga. It is very different to the other towns in Málaga who are very popular among the tourists, like Fuengirola, Marbella or Torremolinos. Nerja has an special charm thanks to its white houses and its narrow streets, many of these are still having the medieval style. In this town you can also visit the Cave of Nerja, discovered on the 1959 and which is thought to have one of the most ancient artistic representations of history: a painting of two seals with more than 420,000 years old.
When we compare Nerja with the rest of coastal town in Málaga, we get impressed by its amazing landscape. Nerja counts with cliffs and small bays alongshore, like the Cala de Maro, a perfect place to practise snorkelling or scuba diving. For some Spanish people, the town played an important role during their childhood because a very popular TV Spanish series (“Verano Azul”) was filmed there during the 80′s.
If you go for a walk around its promenade, you’ll reach the “Balcón de Europa” (“Balcony of Europe”), a viewpoint from which you’ll contemplate a beautiful landscape of the Costa del Sol. A must see that you can´t miss! :)
If you want to spend one day on the beach in one of the most beautiful towns of the Costa del Sol from just 11€*. We are planning to depart on the 2nd May from the Glorieta de la Media Luna (at 9:00) and leave Nerja at 21:00, to have enough time to get the most of the experience.


Departure time (from Córdoba) : 10:00h
Price: From 11€* to 15€
Departure time (from Nerja): 21:00h
Meeting point: Glorieta de la Media Luna
Glorieta de la Media Luna
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*11€ for the first 25 students who purchase their ticket and have rented a room with Interasmundo or for those who already took part in any of our previous trips. For the rest of the students the price is 15€.
Interasmundo, as an dvertising company, is totally unrelated to this trip organization.