Article written by Paulina Zawada for Interasmundo.
Let’s think about holiday’s paradise. Sun. Turquoise water. Beach. Lying under umbrella with mojito in hand. This is exactly how looked like my last saturday, in the middle of university semester. Some of my friends from Poland would probably say- that’s not fair… Well… I would just say- good choice if it comes to the country which I chose for my Erasmus!
Once again I decided to go for the trip organised by Interasmundo . One day trip, to Costa Del Sol, place where it’s hard to find someone who talks… Spanish. Large number of turists forces people to talk English and German. But me and my friend kept answering “Hola!” to “Hello!” and “Gracias!” for “Thank you!”. Come on, we have been fighting with Andalusian accent for last 3 months and now they don’t wanna talk with us in Spanish only because we are blond-er than them?
Nerja is old fishing villiage, surrounded by Sierra de Almijara. Like last time Interasmundoprepared for us maps with suggested route and information about the most important places. Very fast we realised that both- the route and the most important places- are the same- Las Playas- beaches. Nerja is one of these places where you don’t have anything to do. But this is the point. Not all the time you have to have something to do. Sometimes you have to do… nothing. Just relax, eat, walk the typical streets with the white houses, eat, lie on the beach, eat and then rest after sunbathing and eating. We started our busy day in the most famous place in Nerja- Balcon de Europa. Before the trip my imagination told me that this Balcon looks like small balcony in Verona, the balcony of Julia, with huge crowd where you stuck in the sun for the rest of the day. But fortunatly, it went better than I expected. Balcon de Europa looks more like very big terrace or may be even plaza. What’s more, there weren’t that many tourists. It’s still spring not summer and holidays, so date for the trip was perfect. From that place, with good weather you can already see the Africa. Leaning over the barriers you have to realize that you are standing at the end of the continent. View is just stunning.
As we predicted, prices were a bit different than in Cordoba… So before going to Nerja it’s good to prepare lunch and take it in the box. We ate our salads at the end of the Europe, with view to Africa, surrounded by mountains and blue water. After 3 months in Spain we already know a bit how looks like real menu from Andalusia and menu for tourists… I really don’t think that hamburger, pizza, spaghetti or Wurst have much to do with Spain… Actually, also Paella comes from Valencia, not Andalusia. And this region has so much to offer! Berenjenas con miel, Flamenquin, Salmorejo… But of course in Nerja it’s big international mix due to the presence of tourists. Worth recommending are ice creams with huge amount of flavors! Cheesecake, Dulce de Leche (“Sweet condensed milk”), Huevo kinder (Kinder Egg), 100% dark chocolate…
After lunch we went for small walk through the town. We visited Church of Salvador, which finally had atmosphere of the real church not just tourist building. Silence, soft lights and no selfie-people with selfie-sticks…
Whole town is not big, quite calm and very nice. Perfect place to slow down and relax. Nerja has a lot of beaches, smaller and bigger, so everyone can find something perfect for himself.


My favorite place was small beach hidden among the rocks with big family of cats but small number of people on it. We spent there our evening, just talking, looking into crystal clear water and setting sun… It was again beautiful day with amazing international company which left memories forever :-)