Article written by Paulina Zawada for Interasmundo.
It starts when you decide you wanna go a step further- that you wanna go for Erasmus. You are excited, a bit nervous, but generally- happy. When you get decision that you have been accepted, you feel just pure happiness, because you don’t realise what’s going to happen next…  Then date of leaving is coming closer… More and more people who you have already „met” online are posting status Moving to Cordoba”, „Finally in Cordoba!”, „Adventure has started!”… This is the moment when you realise that there is no way back. Next months you will be living in totaly different country- in my case- Spain. You have to pack your previous life in suitcase, leave your friends and just go to the place where you don’t know anyone, which is so different than your country. I was afraid of few things. I was afraid that I will not cope with the language which for me was completely new. How can I study in Spanish, since I can only say Hola, yo soy Paula y tengo un gato? How can I rent a flat, complete all formalities, open bank account? In Poland I had flat just for myself and few of my cats… Here I had to learn to live with 3 Spanish girls under one roof. My first sleepless night was the night before flight. And then… the train started rolling. When I saw sign Cordoba for the first time at trainstation I knew that since now I have to enjoy every minute. First days at University, first funny situations, first new friends. And you realise that there is nothing you should have been afraid of, at least not in Spain. Everyone  is ready to help, all Erasmus people are lost as much as you are. Language? No te preocupes! As soon as you start studying and you will learn the basic vocabulary from the subject, you will understand most of the lectures. Every day language? Meetings, parties… Even if you don’t want to learn Spanish- I’m sorry, you will. Despite the fact that your home is 2000-3000 km from here, when you go back from the trip from the other city, you say- I’m going home. Because somehow, in one moment, Cordoba became your home. The days go by, or actually they run away… Time is the biggest enemy of Erasmus people. You want do so many things, be in few places at once, meanwhile prepare for classes, but… you can’t. You have to choose. You have to choose places, people, activities… And always you have the feeling, that at the same moment you are loosing something else. There is no place for saying I don’t want today, I just wanna stay home. Do not loose any minute of your stay abroad, because it will pass so fast. Although we still have few weeks, we are starting panicking… Few weeks sounds more than scary. It seems that a moment ago, we had half of the year ahead of unknown adventures and now we are talking about few weeks… Noone who hasn’t been on Erasmus will ever understand why we can’t join our friends and families in their happiness that soon we are coming back to our countries. Of course we do miss them. But for us, one big chapter is going to the end. Noone can take away the fun we had together, the memories we created together, the friendships which we have built. But for now, most of us is feeling just scared, because we are not ready to say goodbye. And we would never be. Eachone of us will have Cordoba and people who we have met here in heart forever. If someone asks me- would you do it again even if you knew how hard it will be at the end? I would do it again. I would do it milion times, because this is an adventure of a lifetime.
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