In only a short while you’ll start with your Erasmus experience, probably the best year in your life! Very soon you’ll start to look for student housing at Cordoba. But what should be a great experience may become a complete odissey.
The experience of studying abroad for a year, to meet new people from all around the world, to discover a new city and a different country than yours, or to become a part of a new culture, among many other things, is what makes of the Erasmus an unforgettable experience. And this should be perfect since the beginning, but sometimes it isn´t, especially during the first days after the arrival. The simply fact of moving into a new place, the adaptation to the new things, or to find the perfect student housing at Cordoba may be the cause of many worries during the first days of your stay.
With regards to the search of student housing at Cordoba (or any other city), there were some cases on which certain owners or agencies try to deceive to the international students when they are looking for accommodation. The language barrier during the first days, together with the fact that international students are not familiarized yet with the usual prices for accommodation in the city , is what leads to the student to look for an agency. But some of these agencies may claim high service charges to the student only for finding an accommodation (these may be equivalent to what is usually paid for month of rent). By this reason , we founded Interasmundo. Our intention is to help you to find a proper accommodation for your Erasmus year at Cordoba, and to make things easier for you since the first moment you arrive.
Interasmundo may look for an appropriate student housing at Cordoba and charges 60€ to the student only once, at the beginning of the stay, and only if the student signs his/her contract with us. If we don´t find the room that you are expecting to have you don´t have to pay anything for our service. The owners are the ones who pay to Interasmundo for renting their flats.
Every year we find cases of students who come to our office asking for help because the owner doesn´t want to solve any problem related to the flat, or because the room that they booked online has nothing to do with the reality.
When you are looking for student housing,  it is very important to feel completely sure that the room that you are booking is exactly the same one that you expect, and that the owner is going to give you a solution anytime that you have a problem related to the flat. By this reason, it is important to trust in somebody who has verified the flat previously and has made the necessary checks to be sure that everything is fine.
Interasmundo may find a student housing at Cordoba for those students taking part in any international programme. We are in charge of the maintenance of the flats and we always do our best to solve any problem related with the flat and/or with the roommates.
Many students have already lived at our flats and were satisfied with our services (you can read all the reviews that many of them wrote in our website). By this reason, all the Faculties of the University of Cordoba put their confidence on us to help to their students who are looking for student housing at Cordoba.