Next March, Interasmundo Córdoba and Erasmus International Students Córdoba organize one of the most expected trips of the year… to Morocco! As there will be holidays because of Semana Santa, we have arranged a trip of 5 days and 4 nights during which we’ll visit the most authentic part of Northern Morocco and we’ll get to know its culture, its colours, its people… Morocco has something that makes the visitor to fall in love with it.
During our route around the north of Africa, we’ll visit Tanger, Chefchauen, Fez, Arzou, Erfoud, Rissani and we’ll spend a night at the desert, sleeping at khaimas and enjoying the traditional Moroccan cuisine. After this wonderful experience we are sure that you will leave a part of your soul at this place <3
1. Sight of Tanger from the Ferry boat
To reach Morocco we’ll take a ferry boat that crosses the Gibraltar strait towards Tanger. This will be the first panoramic view that you’ll keep in your mind forever. We are sure that, no matter how many years pass by, always that you think on your Erasmus year you will remember the sea, the sun reflecting in the stone city, the minarets rising at the horizon… and this veil of mistery that surrounds the city. We suggest you to have your camera ready when we start approaching the port, because it is really worth to catch this moment.
2. Chefchaouen, the Blue City .
It is one of the most special towns in Morocco, characterized by its quietness, its colour, its purely arabic essence, the peace that surrounds it and the contact with the nature. Any picture that you take from its streets, mountains or people will be worth to become a present for those who commited the mistake of not joining to this trip organized by  Interasmundo Córdoba.
3. Fez and its Medina

This is the most ancient part of one of the most important cities of Morocco. It is a kind chaotic and full of shops maze, the perfect place to get lost in the purely authentic Moroccan culture, discover its colours and the scent of spices and the hospitality of its people. But don´t forget to be attentive and don’t let yourself to be carried away by the charm of the moment, because maybe you’ll meet with fake guides that don’t have the best intentions.
4. The natural environment, the best companion of the trip azrou-erasmus-cordoba-trip-marruecos
On the way towards Arzou we’ll pass through unforgettable volcanic mountain landscapes and forests that contain the oldest trees in the country. This area is known as the Moroccan Switzerland because of its landscape, its architecture and its climate. It will be like travelling to any other part of the world from the South of Africa. Unforgettable.
5. Sand dunes and sunset at the desert
Riding a camel we’ll start an unforgettable tour around one of the most amazing deserts in the world. To see the sunset behind the mountains of sand is one of these pictures of your Erasmus that you will remember forever.
6. The khaimas, the desert and the stars
There is nothing more romantic than the soft light inside a khaima in the middle of the desert, to taste typical Moroccan cuisine and to have a good laugh with your Erasmus friends of Córdoba while you enjoy a magical night surrounded by the charm of the desert. You shouldn´t go to sleep without spending some minutes quietly looking up at the starry sky.
7. The caothic order of the Moroccan handcrafts.
During our visit to Meknes we’ll discover the main centre of production of the country. Handcrafts are the motor of the local economy at a city of more than 700 thousand inhabitants placed at the natural corridor that links the Athlantic Coast with the Atlas and the eastern region. You will be surprised to know that in spite if being one of the imperial cities, is still relatively unknown by the tourists.
These are only 7 examples of all that you will discover at this amazing country. There will be more than thousand images that you’ll never forget. Don´t let this opportunity to go! There are very few places left! Please, contact us and we’ll inform you of everything.