One of the most representative dates in our gastronomy is the All Saints Day. On this date, is normal to find some traditional sweet foods at confectioneries which are a delight for the senses. This is our particular way of celebrating the 1st November, eating sweets to die for. Down below, we are going to explain you how to make one of our most typical sweet foods: the gachas.


3 grs of aniseeds

1 lemon

500 mls of whole milk

40 grs of cake flour

100 grs of sugar

Bread cut into small squares

Ground cinnammon

Olive oil

Let’s start preparing this recipe by putting some olive oil on a pan. Fry the bread when the olive oil is hot and reserve it for later.  Put some olive oil on a pot with a lemon peel and the aniseed.  Heat them during approximately 3 minutes and strain the oil, that we will use later. Put again the pot on the stove with the strained oil. Add 250 mls of milk and the sugar and heat them to a boil. Mix 250 mls of milk with the flour. Once that the milk and the sugar had boiled, add the mixture of milk and flour. Stir it constantly until it thickens and then, put it into a bowl, sprinkle some ground cinnammon and some breadcrumbs on top and let it cool. The result will be delicious. Click here to watch a tutorial video.
And this was the theory, guys, but now is the moment for action. We hope that you like them very much and that you come back to your countries transformed into great chefs.
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