It was your second adventure through the desert during the Erasmus 2015/2016 course and, like with the previous one, we are sure that you had a wonderful trip. Laughter, adventures, new friendships and thousands of unforgettable memories are the things that you’ll bring back home once that this Erasmus year in Cordoba finishes.
Thanks a lot for sharing this trip with us and especially to Thályta Bueno, Jenny Graak, Carol Piquet, Hugo Desvignes, Melissa Bravo, Diana Teva, Camilla Morvile, Jossane Pereira, Imelda Vargas, Nouh Badih, Jack Caldwell, Jose Maria Maldonado , Naomi Sandoval and Colm Harvey for sharing their pictures with us. We hope you all enjoyed it !! And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook  to find out more about the upcoming events.

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