Dear Erasmus friends,
Some days ago we were talking you about the “flamenquín” and today we are pleased to inform you that this Sunday, 6th April, at 13:00 p.m. at Corredera Square, you´ll have the opportunity of tasting…. THE LONGEST FLAMENQUÍN IN THE WORLD!!!
This event has been organized by the City Hall and the Consorcio de Turismo de Córdoba to celebrate that Cordoba has became the Ibero-American Capital of Gastronomy. At the same time, we´ll try to set a Guinness World Record.
The “flamenquín” will be 3 cm wide (Cordoban chefs say that a “flamenquín” must be 3 cm wide to be a real “flamenquín cordobés”) and 50 metres long. It will be divided into 750 portions. Around 30 and 40 kg of pork tender loin, 15 kg of cured ham, 15 lt of egg and 15 kg of breadcrumbs will be used to prepare it! And there will also be fried chips, “regañás” and beer!
If you want to taste this “flamenquín” it will only cost you 1€, that will be donated to “Cáritas”. There will also be a raffle of two smartphones and two driving licenses among all the people who attend the event.
Don´t miss this unique and special event in Cordoba! We don´t know when we´ll have the chance of enjoying it again!