Is Córdoba your Erasmus destination? Good choice! This city will allow you to live an unforgettable year, thanks to all the advantages that a small city with a perfect climate can offer. Moreover, it’s so well connected with other cities that it would be really difficult to avoid travelling. Download for free the Guide for Erasmus Students in Córdoba.

You probably already know that Cordoba is a very cosy city with really nice people. But just like anyone that is about to start an adventure like this, you will have some doubts, and probably a little bit of panic because you still don’t know what is waiting for you at your destination. Well, the uncertainty of not knowing what is expecting you once you arrive is over! Download for free the Guide for Erasmus Students in Córdoba and discover everything you should know about the city: how to get there, where to stay during the first days, where to live, what is the best neighbourhood to live in, its atmosphere, where to party and many other useful things you should learn to start your Erasmus experience in the best way.

We hope that you enjoy it a lot and that you find it useful to have the best Erasmus experience!

If you have any questions about accommodation, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll help you with anything you need!
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