Travelling is always a part of the Erasmus experience. Even though you are short of money and everything in you life is low cost, there will always be a chance of doing some trips and last minute getaways -usually the most fun!- We should take the most of this year in Córdoba.
For this reason, we had made a compilation of useful apps for travelling during your Erasmus in Córdoba that will make your life easier and simple and will help you to not lose your time in formalities and other boring procedures so you can dedicate all your time to enjoy of every moment of the trip.

  1. Rome2rio

This is a platform from which you can design your own travel routes, both for long distances (from one city to the other) and short distances (in the same city). If you type a point of origin and a destination point you will get information about all the available transport routes (by plane, bus, ferry, train and road routes) and different price options. Download Rome2rio for Android
     2. Flight Track 5
With this app you will be able to track your flight in real time, to know if there is any delay or cancellation and shows you where is your boarding gate. You can also track the route of the flight at any moment. Download Flight Track 5 from IOS or Android

  1. Airbnb

With this app you will find accommodation for your trip in a fast and easy way. It has a wide range of accommodation offers around the world at all prices. You can find from luxurious villa to a room in a shared flat. Download Airbnb in Android

  1. TravelSafe Pro

Thanks to this app you will get information about every emergency service in the destination country. It allows you to access to the addresses and useful numbers, from the embassy, consulate, fire station, police, ambulances and make a call with a simple click. Download TravelSafe Pro from IOS or Android

  1. XE

This app is perfect if you are going to travel to a country with a different currency because you can make the conversion easily and whenever you need.  Download XE from IOS or Android

  1. Rain Alarm

This app is great to forecast the rain while you are travelling. Are you planning to visit different cities? You can check in which of these is going to rain today and in which not, so you can plan your travel route avoiding the bad weather. Download Rain Alarm from IOS or Android
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